Windows Movie Maker

Digital image editing application with features that can create short films and documentaries from photographs


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Windows moviemaker is a pre-installed movie editing software that comes packaged together with the windows operating system.

Just like other video editing tools in the market, it comes embedded with editing features such as trimming, transition overlays, subtitles, and video merging. These features make it a dependable tool for anyone who wants to turn your photos and videos into polished movies.

The software can produce both complex and simple video projects from a pool of raw videos, photos, as well as music.

Features of Windows movie maker

Drag and drop feature

Windows moviemaker presents a short cut to uploading raw multimedia objects by letting you use this feature to drag your raw objects and drop them at the exact spot you want them to appear on your video project. This affords you more control over the project.

Multiple visual themes

Depending on the desired end product, Windows moviemaker lets you have access to a database of diverse themes that you can select from to spruce up your video project by enhancing your visual effects.

Title editing tool

This feature allows you to formulate both the main title as well as a subtitle, even though the subtitle is sometimes just an afterthought. The title can then be customized to your liking by changing the font style, color, size as well as the boldness visibility.

Exotic movie effects

Windows moviemaker software comes packaged with over a hundred video effects that allow you extra flexibility in the editing process. This feature makes your project more appealing in the end.

Transition overlays

This feature in Windows moviemaker works well with photo slide show creation. It allows you to creatively introduce a transition interface between two separate intervals in a video or between two still pictures in a slide show.

Extensive audio track selection

Because a video or slideshow is never complete without some music interlude in the background, Windows moviemaker has thought about that too and fully factored in multiple audio track selection intervals in the software. It offers you a wide range of music selection to choose from.

Pros of Windows movie maker

  • Highly user-friendly movie making interface that easily accommodates beginners and novices.
  • Produce high definition video qualities.
  • Flexibility to add or mute background audio and convert video formats.
  • Offers great customization tools for title and credit queue.
  • Offers multiple special effects and transition overlays.
  • Offers a dynamic ability to integrate different multimedia objects into a single project.
  • It is pre-installed for windows operating system, thus free of charge.
  • Being a default software, it make the process of locating and selecting various media items within your device simple and fast.
  • It is considered one of the best software for basic video editing.
  • It is widely available being a pre-installed software.
  • Great for photo slideshows.

Cons of Windows movie maker

  • Offers limited features, being a default software.
  • Lacks the most recent updates found in its peers.
  • Tends to freeze and crash a lot while in use.
  • Does not offer the ability to share your video projects directly to your social media pages.
  • Only supported on windows operating system
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